Who are we
SS King Detector India was established in 2022. We specialize in equipment that help locate shallow to deep underground metals. We are authuorised distributors in India for some of the worlds most well known metal detection companies. Our equipment is used in archeology survey, locating underground metals – gold, silver, iron, copper etc. Our employees are qualified engineers who are professionally trained on the equipment we sell making it easier for our customers to get world class after sales support.
You can visit us at our showroom in Delhi for a free demonstration of the products we sell. All equipment carries manufacturers warranty. Please call us to make appointment.
We are closed on Sunday and every alternate Saturday.


Authorised Dealer

SS King Detector India is an authorised dealer for all the products we sell. All units are sold with a receipt and carry full manufacturer warranty.

After Sales support

If your locator becomes faulty for any reason, we will repair most products withing a week. If you have any question after your purchase, we have an experienced staff who will answer all your technical questions. We just don’t buy and sell, We make sure that you find what you are looking for!

In Stock

We have a large variety of locators in stock. Come visit us for a demonstration and learn how it works.
Professional Training

Using the metal detector properly is extremely important or you will keep getting incorrect data and eventually get frustrated. Our engineers are experienced in using all the equipment we sell, hence making sure that you are pinpointing the target accurately. We have been trained in Turkey, France, Germany and Australia by some of the leading manufacturers. 

Buy Genuine

All metal detectors and locators have a serial number attached to them so you can verify online on manufacturers website if the product is original. Products sold from unauthorised dealer have no warranty . Fake products look like original most of the time but perform very poorly.Many customer come to us for warranty for products bought somehwere else but only to be told they bought a fake units. Buy geuine when you purchase at sskingdetectorindia.com. Most fake metal detectors are made in China.